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Original: 120 x 120 cm - 2009

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The Mandala symbolizes the cycle of life and the growth of the human.
Through birth the human is interwoven into a field of connections and relations which is steadily expanding. 
He grows physically and mentally. He contstantly gains new impressions and insights within his life experience.
In the course of the terrestrial life the radius of his personal world increases, as well as the knowlegde about the interrelationship of all life.


The earth in the center symbolizes the “home planet“. It is the “living space“ and offers nutrition during the terrestrial life. “The world is inside us and around us“ – it mirrors the personal being – the personal being mirrors the world.
The animals illustrate the relation with the animal kingdom, with certain animal species, with certain personal animal allies or protecting animals.
Animals represent the beauty and diversity of Creation. They can contribute to the healing of body, mind and soul, and they act as teachers who live unconditionally in the “here and now.“
The circlet of the tendril of leaves expresses the relation to the world of flora. Plants show the cycle of the seasons, as well as the beauty and diversity of Creation. They offer healing and nutrition.
The circular presentation corresponds to the cycle of life: sprouting – growing - maturing – dying – decay – renewing.
The tendril of leaves symbolizes the “Banesteriopsis caapi vine“. This species of plant has served the South American people for centuries as a “teaching plant“ during shamanic, ritualistic and religious ceremonies as a doorway to insight into personality, into relations with others or to connect with the “bigger Wholeness“.
The white background illustrates a neutral, non-evaluating inner place.
The orange band with the hearts portrays our human relations – family, friends, teachers, ancestors.
The circle divided by color – light red, magenta, purple and pink – relates to the different phases of life: childhood – formative years – middle phase of life – old age. At the same time, the circle stands for the line of female ancestors (=left half of circle) and male ancestors (right half of circle).
The quadrants of the elements – air, earth, water, fire. According to the “Alchemical Teaching of the Four Elements“, all terrestrial being is created out of the elements.
They correlate with the body, with etheric energies, with astrology, with the cardinal directions and with “Elemental Beings“ or “Nature Spirits“.
The heart symbolizes the person, as well as the compassionate power of the heart. It illustrates the connection with the inside and the outside.
The semicircles with places and countries – lower semicircle: Connection/relation to certain places from childhood, beloved places, places of power, places of residence.
Upper semicircle: Connection/relation to certain regions, countries and continents.
The triangular rays radiate from the heart. They point to the expansion of the apperception and the growing awareness during one’s lifetime.
The tree symbolizes the person and the terrestrial life cycle. It refers to the personal inner axis, as well as to the axis mundi (world axis) or “World Tree“ of myth and religion.
Symbolically the tree illustrates the “Tree of Knowledge“, the “Symbol of Fertility“, the “Ladder of Inner Voyage“ for the shaman, and the “Myth of Creation.“
The universe enfolds the earth. The dimension of the universe symbolizes the inconceivable infinity, the unconceivable creativity, as well as the relation with the “bigger Wholeness“ or “Divinity.“
The wave-like band in orange-yellowish-white color expresses the energy from which every existence comes, consists of, and to which every existence returns.
The orange color corresponds to the purifying and transforming process of fire; the yellow color corresponds to the energy of compassion; the white color represents the neutral, non-evaluating energy – the „Source.“ 

Please remember that each Mandala affects each person in a different way. The added description might suggest a certain impression, but it is subjective. The individual perception seems to comply with a personal, momentary specific subject.