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”A part of the proceeds from this work will be used to support suffering children.”

The Philippines – abandoned children, imprisoned children, 
children sold and forced into prostitution

In the Philippines many children live under extremely poor conditions.
Some of those children are left behind, are rejected, are thrown into prison without a reason or for minor offenses (even small children). Some of them are sold and forced into prostitution.
Such children live in the streets, in dumps, in slums, in brothels or vegetate in prisons, where they are locked up in cages. Pater Heinz Kulücke and Pater Shan Cullen supply those children with medicaments, food and, if needed, condoms to protect them. They do have an listening ear for their well-being and good knowledge about their living conditions.
In specific cases it is possible to free children from their procurer or help them to get out of prison. Therefore, a center was founded, where such children can live and go to school. Its name is “Balay Isidora“. There, the children are attended psychologically; they have the possibiltity to regain a home, to go to school and to learn a profession and to live a normal life, later on.
Furthermore, Pater Shay Cullen conducts the project “Fair Trade – Mango Monkey“, which was founded through the organization “PREDA Foundation Inc.“. This project supports imprisoned children, school-centers for children and it offers a special form of financial support to farmer families.
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Africa – AIDS orphans in Swasiland

Nowhere in the world is the infection rate of AIDS/HIV as high as in Swasiland (about 43% of the population). A whole generation of parents dies off, while old people and children remain. These overaged village communities are overburdened with the care of so many orphans.
For this reason many “children households“ can be found in this poor country. Elder siblings take care of the younger ones, trying to earn money to survive and to buy food. Child labour, exploitation of children, prostitution of children and malnutrition are common. Often these children households do not even have the most bare necessities.
UNICEF developed “Neighbourhood-Care-Points“ – places where children can get a free warm meal once a day, cooked by mostly elder native women, who do this work voluntarily. Sometimes the children walk hours to get there, some of them carrying their younger siblings all the way.
MEDEA e.V. - a registered association, supports the local people to help themselves. MEDEA supports children households with food and with the restoration or construction of simple huts. Practical and financial help is offered to build schools and orphanages. Also, MEDEA supports the education of assistant teachers and runs a mobile clinic in rural regions.
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