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Lifecircles – Mandala Prints
The Earth has created an amazing network of life. 
Everything is connected and we are a part of this web.
As a part of the whole we carry responsibility for all living beings,
the environment and the Earth.

The 'Mandalas of Lifecircles' describe the beauty of Creation. The observer is reminded of the phantastic network and interplay of all living forms. At the same time the motifs deal with warious subject areas.
The Mandala illustrations support relaxation, centering, balancing, purification and consciousness. They foster a peaceful atmosphere in the surrounding of the environment. They facilitate communion of the inside and the outside.

In the Online Shop you may find all Mandala motifs in different material and workmanship. The Mandala products offer multifunctional fields of personal application and they are beautiful gifts.

The Mandala products – available in the Online Shop:

fotopapier   keilrahmenbespannung 20150126 1892092276   Hohlsaum

Print on photo-based paper


Print on linen-based canvas
covered on wooden frame 


Print on linen-based canvas
suspension with wooden slats


kartenset 20150129 1141549301   filztasche 20150129 1958008931   einzelkarten-text

The Set of Cards


Felt bag for safe-keeping


Single Motif Cards
with meditation text


Geschenkset   filztsche-grusskarten   grusskart-einzeln 20150129 1988659395

The Gift Set

of Greeting Cards


Gift bag

of apple green felt


Single Greeting Cards -

folded card with envelope


"May these Mandala illustrations serve to strengthen awareness, respect, compassion and consciousness of the observer for the beauty of Creation, we live within. This will lead to more inner and outer freedom, because everything is connected.“