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”YGGDRASIL” – The Entirety of the Cosmos

Yggdrasil – Old Norse Mythology – “The Holy Tree connecting the Worlds“

Original: 85 x 85 cm - 2012

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"The world is inside of us and around us. The “Universe of Creation“ is united by the same energy."
In the old Norse mythology the World Tree “Yggdrasil“ represents the wholeness of the Cosmos. It unifies time and space – heaven and earth – becoming and dying – the past and the future – the “Lower World and the Upper World“.
The World Tree symbolizes “The Divine Force of Life“ – “The Tree of Knowledge“ – “The Permanent Renewal“.
A similar perception of the World Tree exists in many shamanic cultures. Shamans use it as a ladder during ritual voyages to the roots (= Lower World) or to the crown (= Upper World).
In the Lower World they collect knowledge about the genesis of humans, flora, fauna and earth; or they connect with the “Realm of the Dead“ or “Realm of the Shades“.
In the Upper World they receive an overview on a situation, the future; or they get in touch with universal energies.



In the center of the “flower of fire“ is the “inner globe, placed in the middle of the “World Tree“ between future and past – in the present.
“The world is inside of us and around us“. Everything is united by the same energy. It is the center of every single being in the inside and, at the same time, the wholeness of all terrestrial existence in the outside.
The circle of the elements: In the „Alchemical Teaching of the Four Elements“ - fire, earth, water and air -are the basic elements of all being. As well they are ethereal and purifying energies and they are combined with the ““Elemental Beings“ and natural spirits, who protect and defend nature.
The rotating ball of light-fire emits and absorbes energy permanently – from the inside to the outside – from the outside to the inside – in constantly increasing spirals. The ball of light-fire has a purifying function. Energetically it combines the past with the present and the future, the earth with the universe, and the “Lower World“ with the “Upper World“.
Sun and moon are arranged in a horizontal balance. They correspond to the male and female part inside of us – conscious and unconscious, active and passive, transmitting and receiving.
Around the inner ball of light-fire are circularly arranged:
The leaf: Symbol for the connection with the world of plants, the plant spirits and the wholeness of nature.
The red hearts: Symbol for the connection to the personal human body, connection with the humans.
The drops of water: Symbol of life force and purification. In Nordic mythology a well (fountain) is located at the bottom of “Yggdrasil“. There Odin receives the “secret knowledge“ when he drinks from the water of well.
Entrance to the cave: access to the roots - to the wisdom of life, to the source.
In the depth reside the wise goddesses of fate – the three Norns: Urd (fate, fortune), Verdandi (present) and Skuld (destiny).
The blue and purple hearts: connection with the ancestors, spiritual beings, other forms of energy.
The falcon: connection with the animals. In the mythology of many cultures the falcon is in contact with the godesses, considered to be a messenger between this world and the other worlds.
Its qualities are: agility, rapidity, clear-sightedness, courage, wide angle perspective and a good overview.
The outer, wavelike light-fire-ball emits and receives energies. It symbolizes the energy which unifies everything, out of which everything is formed, grown and passed by – permanently – endlessly.

Please remember that each Mandala affects each person in a different way. The added description might suggest a certain impression, but it is subjective. The individual perception seems to comply with a personal, momentary specific subject.