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Motif cards, greeting cards, posters and feltbags in different size, material and form for various fields.

In the Online Shop you will find various Mandala articles for an individual use or to make a extraordinary present to someone. All Mandala motifs deal with particular subject areas. At the same time they describe the phantastic interaction of the network of all living beings, nature, Mother Earth and the universe. The Mandalas support the observer to remember the beauty of Creation and to strengthen attention, respect, compassion and consciousness. They support peaceful relaxation and they foster a salutary reconnection with oneself and the surroundings.

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Single Greeting Cards and Gift Set
folded cards with envelope
Murals / Poster Prints
photo-based paper or linen-based canvas
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Motif Cards with meditation text
Single Motif Cards or Set of Cards
Felt bags for safe-keeping
Gift bags


Mandala Greeting Card - folded card with envelope
The Mandala Greeting Card is ideal as a particular personal regard. The folded card suits excellently to every gift and it is an extraordinary attachement. The Mandala Greeting Cards offer an unusual, classy and personal style. They are preferably used as invitation card, congratulation card and birthday card, wedding card and as fancy greeting card. Also available as "The Gift Set of Greeting Cards" which contains a collection of all Mandala motifs.
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Mandala murals - poster and art prints on photo-based paper or linen-based canvas
The Mandala murals are a colorful eye-catcher in every room. At the same time they serve to ameliorate a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere in the environment and foster the salutary reconnection with oneself and the surroundings.
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Mandala Motif Card with meditation text
The Mandala Motif Cards facilitate inner centering and balance. They support meditation and consciousness. They have a purifying and relaxing effect on the body and mind. The Mandala Motif Cards are available as “The Set of Cards“, which contains a collection with all Mandala motifs, or as single Motif cards with the Mandala illustration of your personal choice.
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Utilization of Mandala poster / art prints as meditative, salutary relaxing murals

It is generally known that crayoning a Mandala picture helps to find calmness. The harmony of form and color serves to bring peace and serenity to body and mind. Not only coloring Mandala pictures have a balancing influence, also beholding a Mandala illustration brings balance, relaxation, equability and centering to body, mind and soul. The eye follows the steadily recurrent form of the circles, warm or coolish color combinations calm the thoughts. When the mind finds peace and serenity, the body gets peaceful and relaxed as well. Thus tension and induration are dissolved, the connection to the soul gets stronger and personal forces of self-healing are released. The peaceful, salutary relaxation of the Mandala prints are suitable especially for living rooms, sleeping rooms, nurseries, waiting rooms, surgeries and for rooms, where yoga and meditation is practised.
Mandalas are a mirror to the human view of the world, at the same time they generate reconnection with the Creation. The 'Flower of Life" for example, signifies the infinity and the steadily repeated rebirth of all cycles of nature.
Every Mandala develops from a center. While beholding a Mandala you meet your personal center - the connection and relation with yourself and with all living forms are strengthened.
The Mandala poster and art prints on canvas are meditative murals which are particularly suitable for all rooms, where you like to find peace, relaxation, serenity and centering.

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Print on photo-based paper
  Print on linen-based canvas

Print on cancas - hemstitiching
suspension with wooden slats

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Various utilization of the Mandala Greeting Cards

Mandalas originally come from Asia, but similar images appear in many cultures all over the world. In the Far East Mandalas mainly are related to a spiritual meaning.
Today the abstract, geometrical pattern of Mandala forms are popular worldwide. To delve into the circular symbolic of a Mandala brings calmness, serenity and centering to the mind.
The Mandala Greeting Card is offered as quadratic, folded card with suitable envelope. The Mandala motifs have a regenerative, connecting and inspiring effect. The combination of colors emanate fertile vitality. The extraordinary design of the Mandala cards are loved for many purposes: as greeting and congratulation cards, birthday cards, invitation and wedding cards.

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The Gift Set
Collection of Greeting Cards


Gift bag
made of thick felt


Single Greeting Cards
folded card with envelope


Mandala Greeting Card and Congratulation Card

The colorful, symmetrical pattern of the Mandalas suit very well to many occassions. You can express joy, gratitude, felicitation or pride for somebody by making a present or offering a bouquet of flowers - here a Mandala card is a beautiful supplement. The extraordinary design of the card corresponds to the taste of most people. The Mandala Greeting Cards have a celebratory character, at the same time they express joyful vitality. Every Mandala motif addresses to a different topic, it can underline and enrich your personal felicitation descreetly.
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Mandala Birthday Card
A carefully choosen birthday card can give an unconventional, special note to your birthday present. Birthday cards normally are offered with printed year dates or with mottoes like "Over 60, but still young!" More lively, colorful and still festive you can honour a person's birthday with the Mandala Birthday Card. Your personal wishes even can be underlined with the help of the expression and meaning of a well choosen Mandala motif.
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Mandala Invitation Card
Everybody, who organizes a festivity has a lot to do. The invitation has a key funtion for every event. As soon as all guests are choosen, it is important to accord the invitation to all guests in an adequate form. The invitation card does say a lot about the special occasion and the personality of the host.
The Mandala Invitation Cards have a classical and noble look. They underline every stylish festivity. Nevertheless they are also fanciful, creative, unvonventional and full of joie de vivre, which makes them suitable for an easy event as well. The Mandala Invitation Card brings a joyful expectation for the upcoming event to every guest.
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Mandala Wedding Card
Certainly many bridal pairs plan their wedding in detail to make sure that this unique festivity will become an unforgettable experience for all participants. The day of the wedding and all wedding arrangements should be proper and harmonious. An extraordinary wedding card expresses the uniqueness of the wedding. Therefore it often is kept as a memory of this special event. The various Mandala motifs suit to different types of wedding festivities. Will the wedding be classy and elegant or easy, lively and colorful? The Mandala Wedding Card offers a noble impression. Besides it expresses the colorful, lively and unconventional aspect of a festivitiy as well.
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Utilization of the Mandala Motif Card with Meditation text

The Mandala Motif Card is printed on strong, laminated board. The quadratic, big size of the card makes a simple positioning on your furniture possible. The Motif Card is a beneficial eyecatcher in every room. It may be placed somewhere as a colorful, flexible, daily motif. It offers a peaceful and tranquil spot on your desk, for example. At housing space and at places of work the Mandala Motif Card cares for relaxation and supports a pleasant and calm environment.
As well, the Mandala Motif Cards with meditation text are suitable for meditation and daily reflection. Engross the mind for a short time into the Mandala motif of your choice and feel the connection with yourself and your invironment. The meditation text which is printed on the back of the card may strengthen the connecting influence to the symbolism of the image.
Since earliest times symbols and signs are used for purification, protection and healing of humans and animals. By placing, fixing or tatooing a certain symbol on the body the individual force of the symbol is intensified and salutary processes are fostered. The application of a Mandala Motif Card on the body supports tranquillization of body, mind and emotion during a short daily recovery period or in the evening before sleeping. Besides the physical contact facilitates the salutary dissolving of stress and blockage.
The Mandala Motif Cards with meditation text are available as single cards or as "The Set of Cards", which contains a collection of all Mandala motifs.

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The Card Set   Felt bag for safe-keeping  
Motif Cards widh meditation text

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