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At this time I want to express my innermost gratitude to Ralph Metzner.
The “Mandala drawing“ was born through his MAD (= Metzner’s Alchemical Divination) trainings.
Ralph Metzner’s wide and profound knowlegde in the areas of Alchemy, Shamanism, Psychology, Philosophy, Modern Science and Yoga, the way he melts his knowledge into a wholeness and cabably conveys it to his students; helps me to open up a wider understanding of the relation inbetween all living beings.
The variety of divination exercises in his workshops allow me to more deeply enter the inner world inside of me. It also supports me to strengthen the connection with the web of “the Creation“ through time and space.
This consciousness settled inside of me. It changed and restructured my view, my compassion, my respect and my responsibility towards the living beings, nature, “Mother Earth“ and myself.
Information about Ralph Metzner - current lectures, workshops, books:


As well I want to thank Leslie Conton at this place, who helped spontaneously with the revision of the English translation of this website.
Finally, thanks to all my friends for their support and encouragement to bring these Mandala drawings into the world.