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The world is inside of us and around us. The “Universe of Creation“ is united by the same energy.
In the old Norse mythology the World Tree “Yggdrasil“ represents the wholeness of the Cosmos. It unifies time and space – heaven and earth – becoming and dying – the past and the future – the “Lower World and the Upper World“.
The World Tree symbolizes “The Divine Force of Life“ – “The Tree of Knowledge“ – “The Permanent Renewal“. A similar perception of the World Tree exists in many shamanic cultures.
Shamans use it as a ladder during ritual voyages to the roots (= Lower World) or to the crown
(= Upper World). In the Lower World they collect knowledge about the genesis of humans, flora, fauna and earth; or they connect with the “Realm of the Dead“ or “Realm of the Shades“. In the Upper World they receive an overview on a situation, the future; or they get in touch with universal energies.

• Production of prints "hollow seam with round rods, 40 x 40 cm or 60 x 60 cm" possible on request

• Production of prints "covering on wooden stretcher frames, 80 x 80 cm" possible on request


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