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Story of the Developement of these Mandalas

During meditation pictures showed up in my mind’s eye which resembled the form of Mandalas.

In the beginning my only wish was to collect and externalize these inner pictures in order to remember them. Before this time, I wasn’t aware of the “Art of Mandala“ and I never planned to draw such designs.
Quite unusally, the technique of drawing was different than my normal drawing style. Therefore, now and then, my drawing was accompanied by a feeling that this artwork was not being created by myself alone... Even it perhaps sounds strange to some of you, I would like to thank the “Spiritual World“ for its teaching, support and assistance in this place.
More and more of those inner pictures arose inside me during meditation on different themes, and I tried to transport them from the inside to the outside as accurately as possible.

The knowledge which I discoverd in the symbolism during the periods of drawing, opened up new dimensions of understanding. I also was very surprised when later research revealed symbolical and mythological meanings of some different plants and animals, which I had drawn intuitively. The results of the research somehow made the gained knowledge even more profound. Out of personal interest I started to research the symbolism and mythological background on every Mandala.
I found out that these Mandalas express personal inner maps of a subconscious knowledge and understanding, but somehow they also represent a collective knowledge, of which I wasn’t aware during the drawing time.
I finally came to understand that this work could be a contribution to point to „the beauty and the interconnection of the earth and all living beings“. Thus these Mandalas may likewise serve to reconnect us humans with “the web of all life“.
Friends and reactions of people encouraged me to print some of the Mandalas.