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Original: 173 x 175 cm - 2012

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Slight color variations to the internet image may occur due to the printing process. 
On request you can order this Mandala motif also in an individual bigger size.



The Mandala symbolizes a force field which protects, preserves, purifies and strengthens
the ”vital power”.
Analog to the breathing there is a permanent exchange of energies with the environment. 
The energy flows from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside. 
An energetic field surrounds the inner personal center. It can be used as a filter, purifying all the energies incessantly pouring in and out.
Thus, this ”Inner Force Field” enables the maintenance, protection, purification and strengthening of the personal life force or life energy.



The center with the horizontal and vertical eightsymbolizes the innermost center. The eight illustrate the endless movement in the horizontal level (matter) as well as in the vertical level (spirit). The point of intersection of both symbols refers to the “marrow“ (= energetic essence/soul).
The quartering with red and yellow color suggests the physical and mental/spiritual levels inherent in every human.
The serpent illustrates the connection/relation with the animal kingdom. It also illustrates the personal power animal or animal ally. The circular painted grass snake prefers a habitat close to rivers, lakes or wetlands. 
In sagas and myths, the grass snake (or ringed snake) played a positive role tot he human. It was admired as “house snake“ – as protector/guardian of cattle and little children and as a bringer of luck and boon (benificence). Up to now the grass snake is revered as a patron saint in some regions of Europe. 
Generally, in mythology, the snake was deified to be the “Guardian of the Earth Goddess“, and it was associated with the primal natural state. The serpent was considered to be wise, clairvoyant, and connected with the profound secrets of life. Being a protector of cosmic order, the snake unifies male and female qualities, as well as heaven and earth.
Circlet of leaves symbolizes the connection/relation with nature and plants. The world of flora represents the everlasting cycle of life – birth, growth, blooming, development of seed and fruit, decay and renewal.
The inner ring of fire may be considered a filter offering the possibility of purification. It cleanses the energies pouring in and pouring out. It serves to preserve, to protect, to purify and to strengthen the personal forcefield.
The element fire dispenses light, has purifying, healing, renewing and transforming qualities.
In the Alchemical Teachings, the fire helps to transform metal into gold - which symbolically refers to 
“the valuable essence“ which is inherent in everything.
The inner rotating flower of energysymbolizes the flow of energy – from the inside to the outside, from the outside to the inside – a permanent exchange of receiving and giving. 
Each petal’s radiance is carried forward along a ray of energy to the outside, in a rotating movement.
The energy flower has an anti-clockwise rotation, which corresponds to the earth rotation.
The blue waved band refers to the element water, which has a clarifying, purifying, healing quality and symbolizes the contantly flowing movement of all being.
The dark blue waved band with light spots symbolizes the universe as the “bigger Wholeness“, which enfolds the earth and all terrestrial being as a part of itself.
The dimension of the universe symbolizes the inconceivable infinity and creativity, and therefore, it expresses the “inconceivable dimension of the divinity.“
The outer rotating flowerrefers to the energy of which everything is made. It flows from the inside to the outside, from the outside to inside – in a counter-rotating movement to the inner energy flower.
The outer ring of fire- element fire - symbolizes a filter which clarifies energies pouring in and out 
(see description: inner ring of fire). At the ends of imaginary horizontal and vertical axes, the „light-fire-energy“ pours in and out.
The yellow waved band illustrates the quality of compassion, which transforms all lower energies into a higher frequency. In general every living form is affiliated with this transforming energy.
The white bluish waved band refers to the energy from which all being is composed. It is supplied through the collectivity and, at the same time, supplies every single form. It corresponds to the “life energy“ which expands permanently in constantly increasing purifying circles.

Regarding the Brief Description of the Mandala:
Please remember that each Mandala affects each person in a different way. The added description might suggest a certain impression, but it is subjective. The individual perception seems to comply with a personal, momentary specific subject.