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Original: 66 x 66 cm - 2010

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The Mandala describes the flow of the “Light-Fire-Energy“ inside body and mind.
The clarifying effect of the alchemical „Light-Fire-Energy-Meditation“ is symbolically illustrated in the drawing.
With the help of this clarifying technique, energy flows from the heart into the whole body. Deposits, indurations and mental blocks can be released with the help of the “Light-Fire“.
Thus the essence – “the Alchemical Gold“ – can be revealed. This essence corresponds to a purifying energy or transformation energy which releases indurations and mental blocks, and leads to awareness and consciousness. It has a strengthening, liberating effect. It also is connected with the heart and the inner source.

Alchemy is described as an “old Philosophy of Nature“. Originally Alchemy probably spread out from old Egypt to the Arab World, to Greece and further on to Europe. Over the centuries it was held and passed on as an encoded “Secret Doctrine“ to protect it against persecution. In the popular belief of old Europe, the aim of Alchemy was the chemical transformation of metal into gold. The teaching of Alchemy, however, contains a strong “religious“ element, which follows a process of inner transformation. Figuratively, the transformation of base metals into gold corresponds to an inner purification or transformation. 

„Whatever is below, in the microcosm,
is like that which is above, in the macrocosm.
Whatever is around us, is like that which is within us.“
(Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistos) 

The Mandala describes the effect of the “Light-Fire-Energy“ inside the body and mind. The “Light-Fire-Energy“ which is ignited in the center of the heart with the help of imagination, extends from the heart to the whole body. From the inside to the outside – the energy flows through every cell and through every fiber of the body. It streams through the deposits, indurations, blockages, as well as in the attached feelings or mental blocks.
An induration of the body is built up through outer and inner tension or illness. A mental block is built up through an experience, that was dominated with feelings of pain or fear. Body and mind interact – they are woven together. The body is a resonator which is reflecting mind and soul externally and internally.
The Alchemical fire streams through the induration/mental block and heats it up. With the help of the heat an “essence“ can be exposed – ”the Alchemical gold”. The essence is an original state – a basic feeling/quality – which contains a strengthening and liberating power that connects us with the heart and our “inner core“. An inner freedom arises, which is reflected on the outside as well.

Please remember that each Mandala affects each person in a different way. The added description might suggest a certain impression, but it is subjective. The individual perception seems to comply with a personal, momentary specific subject.