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Original: 72 x 72 cm - 2011

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"The Green Thread imbues and builds the form." The Mandala symbolizes the “Thread of Life“  the inventive universal source, which flows through everything and creates any form.
All life and every expression arises from this endless energy of creativity. In steadily expanding circles new forms of life develop permanently in endless variation and beauty.
This “life-energy“ flows in us and around us – we are part of it – it is part of us. It imbues and builds all matter.
The human body is the shell of the soul during the period of life on earth. With the help of the human body experiences can be collected, contact with other creatures can occur.
The collected personal life experience flows back into the “Essence of All Existence.“
All living beings correspond to tiny particles – created, held and subordinated in the dynamic of an unimaginable entirety.



The flower symbolizes the soul (= pistil) and the human individuum (= petal).
The leaves with vessels in different colors correspond to the different roads of life. They describe the different possibilities of reaction, which can be choosen.
The horizontal and vertical eight describe the endless movement in the horizontal level (= form/time)
as well as in the vertical level (= mind/spirit).
The point of intersection symbolizes the “source“ or the “inner center“ – the place of peace and silence.
The background in red and yellow colors represents the quality of form (body) and mind (spirit), which is inherent in all creation.
The snake with a body of leaves symbolizes the connection with the earth, the flora and fauna.
Man, plants, animals and earth are absolutely interwoven into each other and depend on each other.
In Germanic mythology “The Serpent of Midgard“ embraces the earth. In the mythology of other countries the snake is revered as a sacred, immortal animal – sage and clairvoyant; as a guardian and symbol of the “Earth Goddess“ – connected to the profound secrets of life.
The “Rainbow-Serpent“ of the Australian Aboriginals symbolizes the original state of the creation and represents the fusion of spirit and matter.
The green thread dynamically expands in spirals from the center. It symbolizes life energy – emanating from the smallest particle to the entirety of all matter. It imbues and builds any form.
The elements: earth, water, fire and air are life-giving, live-saving and life-destructive forces.
In the “Alchemical Teaching about the Four Elements“ they are the origin of all being.
Also they are related to ethereal energies and do have a clarifying and purifying effect.
The “Elemental Beings“ are nature spirits which defend and protect nature.
The axes of coordinates symolizes the terrestrial life and mind. In its intersection a centered position is possible – an attitude of empathy, equability and compassion.
The light yellow color describes the permanent flow of life energy, which is non-evaluating and constantly creating.

Please remember that each Mandala affects each person in a different way. The added description might suggest a certain impression, but it is subjective. The individual perception seems to comply with a personal, momentary specific subject.