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WHEEL OF SOULS“ -  Relation and Lifetasks

Original: 205 x 205 cm - 2010

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The Mandala symbolizes the connection of the human with the level of the soul. 
The symbolism describes the path from the pure energetic state to conception and birth. It signifies the personal choice of life-tasks. It symbolizes the personal development, the growth and the possibilty of transformation dealing with different life experiences during a terrestrial existence.
The Mandala also refers to the different life cycles – from birth to different periods of age, to death and onward to the reunion with the “original state of all being.“
Symbolically, certain life-tasks are pictured, which are choosen to develop the personal and the collective during lifetime– for experience, training and to enhance the understanding.
Beyond the veil these personal experiences flow back as information into the “Awareness-Pool of the Whole“.



The walnut and earth: The structure of the walnut reflects that of the human brain. Being a seed, it expresses the decision to be born as a human on earth.
The three hearts in the center – mother, father, child – picture the relationship between souls. It illustrates the soul’s choice to take on an earthly role as mother, father or child.
The whitish and yellow colored background describes the energetic original state/level of the souls.
The bluish-white waveliked circlet with connection lines to the right, left, up and down is a purifying energy flow which connects the different axes and levels/layers with the intersection in the center.
The horizontal axis corresponds to the inner female (left) and to the male (right) qualities, as well as to the unsconcious and the conscious levels.
The vertical axis corresponds to the energy coming from the earth and from the universe, as well as from physical and spiritual levels.
The reddish-purple semi-circle and the bluish-violet semicircle: At conception certain tasks/characteristics /talents are passed on to the child to be further developed; and to train the consciousness.
The semicircle on the left side stands for tasks and characteristics of the mother’s side.
The right semicircle illustrates the tasks and characteristics of the father’s side.
The small circle of petals symbolizes the conception – the blossoming into something new.
The leaf tendrils in a whitish color – starting from the center correspond to certain life-tasks which are chosen for advancement/development of awareness in this life.
The dark orange semi-circle and the yellowish-orange semicircle point to the qualities/characteristics/ talents/skills of the mother (left semi-circle) and to those of the father (right semi-circle). Some of them are passed on to the child.
The yellow circle stands for a new integration of the qualities of both, mother and father, which serves as a kind of a starting point.
The bluish-white waved circle with connection lines to the right, left, up and down = purifying energy flow. It connects the different axes and layers to the intersection at the center.
The circle of red and light blue waved forms symbolizes the birth – the entrance into the terrestrial life of an individual. The human is composed of the body (= red wavy form) and of etheric layers (= light blue wavy form).
The tendril leaves changing from white into green color: With the beginning of the terrestrial life, the life-tasks which were chosen on the soul level, are realized, entrained and developed further.
The fourfold band symbolizes the four elements – fire, earth, water and air. In the “Alchemical Teaching of the Four Elements“ is an analogy between the inside and the outside of the body.
The Elements are the base of which the earth and all living beings are composed. They find accordance to the body; they exist on an ethereal level as clarifying and purifying energies; and they also are related with “Elemental Beings“ and „Natural Spirits.“
The four rings with a color gradient from white, yellow, red into blue: On the one hand, they symbolize the four big cycles of life – childhood, years of development, middle age, older age – on the other hand, they symbolize personal choices in dealing with „personal experiences,“ specifically the possibility of development and transformation.
The yellow-whitish bands between the four rings of life correspond to the permanent flow of energy as a quality of purification(=white color) and as a quality of empathy (=yellow).
The animals illustrate our connection to the animal kingdom/to animal allies/to power animals.
The bluish-white waved circle with connection lines to the right, left, up and down = purifying energy flow which connects the different axes and layers with the intersection in the center.
The big circle of petals symbolizes the end of life on earth – the blossoming into something new – the transformation into another form of energy. All experiences/qualities of the personal life merge into the bigger “Wholeness“.
The yellow-whitish background illustrates the transfer to another energetic layer, to the “Soul Level“.
The universe symbolizes the unimaginable dimension and diversity of the Creation. It refers to “bigger Wholeness“, which enfolds all terrestrial life and out of which all life arises.
The bluish-white waved circle with connection lines to the right, left, up and down = purifying energy flow which connects the different axes and layers with the intersection in the center.
The circle of yellow and pale-blue waved forms symbolizes energy (personal experiences) which flow into the “Pool of Awareness of the Entirety.“

Please remember that each Mandala affects each person in a different way. The added description might suggest a certain impression, but it is subjective. The individual perception seems to comply with a personal, momentary specific subject.