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Original: 95 x 95 cm - 2009

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The Mandala symbolizes the elementary power of life and earth. The elements symbolize the creating energy and the permanent renewing force of all terrestrial life. On the ethereal level the attribute of the elements is a purifying and healing power.
In the mythology of the Aborigines the “Rainbow-Serpent“ is connected with the earth and its creative power. It combines heaven and earth – male and female. It defends and protects the cosmic order.
At the same time the serpent refers to the possibility of personal protection and to the possibility of purifying the “personal energy field“ of baser energy coming from the outside. The preserving power of the serpent serves as a shield which purifies, strengthens and protects.



The heart is a symbol of the person (individuum); at the same time it symbolizes the inner center (source).
The core in the center refers to the energetic essence or soul, which is inherent in all life.
The grain is arranged around the core. The seeds stand for various tasks in personal life, respectively for different opportunities of personal development.
The flower with leaves symbolizes the teresstrial existence of matter (body). It also describes life energy: “To be in full bloom“.
Blue intertwined lines show the four paths of life – each is illustrated in two wavelike, intertwined energy lines (= conscious and unconscious).
The interwined lines ray into the four directions: right – left – down – up.
The four paths describe the possible personal decisions about how to deal with an experience.
They also mark a cross with an central intersection which can be useful as a “divination cross“.
At the same time the paths mark the four directions – north, south, east, west. In Shamanism the four directions are powerful forces, which are invoked and asked for support.
Red path (=red center in-between the intertwined lines) marks the past and as well the future. It describes the life of all matter on earth – from birth to death. As well it symbolizes former and future generations.
Black path (=black center in-between the intertwined lines) marks difficult states of emotion like fear, pain, anger, hate, greed, control of force, addiction.
White path (=white center in-between the interwined lines) marks the possibility of transformation of difficult emotions. A centered perception and conscious recognition facilitates an overview perspective and access to the valuable and positive essence inside every feeling. This leads to compassion, inner peace and freedom.
The divination cross helps to strengthen the focus and concentration on the personal inner center – the place of peace, silence and freedom.
The circle, split into four colored fields, symbolizes the four seasons – winter, spring, summer, autumn – the periodic cycle of all life.
The Rainbow Serpent is the protecting “All-Mother“ of the Australian Aboriginals with magical and prophetic qualities. She is a symbol of fertility. She unites male and female qualities, as well as heaven and earth. She defends the cosmic order. She is a protector, a guardian and a bringer of water (= elixir of life / purification).
To draw the serpent only primary colors were used and put on each other in layers.
The elements (fire, air, earth and water): In the “Alchemical Teaching of the Four Elements“ they are described as the basic substance of all terrestrial existence. They also have an ethereal purifying quality. “Elemental Beings“ or nature spirits are seen as guardians, defenders and protectors of nature.
The twine of leaves (circular, left-turning = terrestrial rotation): It is a symbol for “being imbedded in the cycle of life energy“ – being protected and held, through and with the help of nature (flora and fauna).
The leaves of ivy border the axes of the coordinates at the four ends. The ivy plant symbolizes eternity, as well as cheerfulness, equanimity and joy.
The yellow-orange wavelike circlet is a ring of protection made of “Light-Fire-Energy.“ It purifies all incoming and outgoing “emotional energies“ when they pass through.
The falcon symbolizes a sharp farsightedness, quickness, power, courage and agility.
In the mythology of the Celts, the falcon was considered to be a mediator between the „hereafter“ and this world. It was the bird of the warriors.
The horse – loyal, fast, observant, proud, agile, pride and noble – is acompanion and friend of the humans since ancient times. It symbolizes the “breath of life“ (= the creative expression).
In Ancient Greece, the horse was connected with the death. In the Celtic culture, it was deemed to be a “border crosser of the worlds“. In many cultures the horse was seen to be connected with the gods and with the power of presage.

Please remember that each Mandala affects each person in a different way. The added description might suggest a certain impression, but it is subjective. The individual perception seems to comply with a personal, momentary specific subject.