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“HEART LEAF” – Partnership and Relationship


Original: 66 x 66 cm - 2011

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The Mandala symbolizes the quality of “heart energy“. The heart energy centers and creates a empathic condition of compassion and equability. 
Within this energy an evaluation by thoughts is omitted, as well as an emotional attachment.
The “eye of the heart“ creates mindfulness and consciousness. Thus it is possible to perceive the "quality" of the connection in a partnership or relationship, to indentify and to honour it.



Yin-Yang: The most primary meaning of the symbol “Yin-Yang“ is translated as “shadowy place“ or “northern hillside“ (= Yin) and as “sunny hill“ (= Yang). The oldest symbols of “Yin-Yang“ (found on oracle bones) are dated to the 16th – 11th century BC.
“Yin-Yang“ also can be translated as “polar natural force“, as “source of all being“ or as “the male and the female“. The symbol of “Yin-Yang“ is counter-rotating and balanced. The colors are opposites.
The Earth and the Universe conform to the main principle of female and male – which are respectively: receiving, receptive, intuitive, passive and expressive, dynamic, conscious, active.
Moon and Sun also illustrate this connection to the main principle of female and male.
The pale-blue band of energy symbolizes the purifying quality of the heart center. Positive and negative feelings are energies which produce thoughts and assessment. 
Assessment is a protective mechanism which is attached to former emotional states. The empathic quality of heart energy purifies and clears the protective mechanism. With the power of the heart it is possible to see the “real quality“ of a connection.
The rotating ring of fire symbolizes the “Alchemical Fire“. The “fire energy“ in the cave of the heart is ignited with the help of intention. It can be used to purify emotions and thoughts. 
The “fire energy“ helps to distill the essence - “the Alchemical Gold.“ This essence, which can be found in every experience, contains a clarifying and strenthening power with positive, liberating effect and connects with the inner „essential core.“
The heart: the quality of the heart energy changes the point of view. Empathy and compassion have a clarifying effect and change the perception. Thus difficult emotions can be witnessed objectively, without personal judgment and without fearful or painful attachment. It is possible to adopt the attitude of an “empathic observer or witness“ towards oneself and towards others. In such a position one may find inner freedom, which changes the point of view and the emotions.
The heart-leaf-ring stands for the communion of all life. 
The leaves symbolize the connection with nature and flora. They represent life-energy, growth and signify the cycle of life.
The hearts symbolize the connection to humans and other living beings. The illustration of interwoven hearts and leaves shows the interaction, the partnership, the communion and the reciprocity and interdependence of creature and nature. 

Please remember that each Mandala affects each person in a different way. The added description might suggest a certain impression, but it is subjective. The individual perception seems to comply with a personal, momentary specific subject.