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Original: 125 x 125 cm - 2011

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On request you can order this Mandala motif also in an individual bigger size.



The Mandala symbolizes the expansion of "life energy" through time, matter and space.
The green "Thread of Life“ creates and runs through every living form.

The spiral expresses the circular extension of the "Web of all Life". It is steadily expanding in increasing circles:
From the single, tiny particle to the endless dimension of the universe – from solid matter to the overarching pure energy vibration – from the past into the present, into the future – into an inconceivable infinity.



The blossom with leaves: In the center is a symbol for the human person– the physical, intellectual and spiritual development – the growth/blossoming of the human during his terrestrial life.
The pistil of the flower symbolizes the marrow, the innermost center, the soul. It is pure energy – perpetual, infinite – illustrated with the help of the symbol of the lying eight.
The inner circle surrounds the blossom. It is marked with a colored quartering in red and yellow.
This suggests the human quality which consists of a physical embodiment and an intellectual/spiritual existence.
The left semicircle corresponds to the female, receiving, unconscious side. The right semicircle stands for the male, active, conscious side. Both energetic sides include reflection and intuition.
At the same time, the quartering refers to the cycle of the seasons, thus to the cycle of all life.
The intersection of axes express the “Cross of Divination“ which originates from the quartering of the inner circle. The cross of divination assists in centering in one’s own innermost center.
The axes – the two intertwined wavy white lines symbolize the intertwined paths of life – existing of conscious and unconscious energies. They mark and elongate the “Cross of Divination“ in the vertical and horizontal directions. The axes intersect in the center. The three different colors within the axes, inside of the intertwined white wavy lines, signify the following:
“The red path“ symbolizes the past and the future – the fleshy/physical body existence on earth – from birth to death. Both paths, the past and the future, lie on the horizontal axis.
“The black path“ points to difficult emotions like pain, hate, anger, fear, envy, jealousy.
“The white path“ symbolizes the potential transformation of difficult emotions. Both paths, white and black, lie on the vertical axis.
Crossing the intersection point into white vertical part of the axis allows the recognition that every experience includes an informative, positive teaching. Thus one has the freedom or possibility to transform problematic emotions into awareness – “to bring them to a Higher Level“.
The green thread of life spirals, expanding from the individual into an outer, global world. It runs through “matter, space and time.“
The green thread symbolizes the essence inherent in all life, which builds and enlivens every form in permanently increasing circles – from the single particle to the endless dimension of the universe – from matter to the energetic vibration – from the past to the present, into the future – into infinity.
With the help of this energy all life germinates, grows, proliferates, dies. It creates constantly the soil for new living forms.
The serpent, being a reptile, corresponds to most primary emotion, to an elementary power. It is representing the connection with the earth. 
The circular form of the serpent symbolizes the cycle of becoming and dying, the cycle of nature – the endless and infinite circular cycle of all terrestrial life.
Semicircle of the terrestrial globe – left side: describes the intuitive apperception of the personal environment, the homeland and the connection with localities, regions and places.
The circle of hearts symbolizes the growing expansion of human relations during the period of life – circle of family, friends, teachers, acquaintances. At the same time it illustrates the expansion of relations with other living beings or living forms. 
This extension of connection and relation creates new possibilities of perception and cognition.
The falcon: In mythology the falcon symbolizes the mediator between the imminent and transcendent worlds. He is considered as the bird of the warriors. 
Its qualities are: rapidity, agility, strength, courage, wide perception.
Semicircle of the terrestrial globe – right side: describes the conscious, expanding perception of the dimension of the planet earth. As well it symbolizes the conscious connection/relation to localities and countries through free choice of living environment, voyages etc.
It refers to the relationship and the reciprocal dependence within the global living environment of the planet earth; as well as the cognition of the interdigitation of matter and energetic vibration.
The elements – water, earth, air, fire. According to the “Alchemical Teaching of the Four Elements“ all being is created from the elements. On an ethereal level they also have purifying qualities. “The Green Thread of life“ (= energy) runs through the elements and builds their form.
The universe enfolds the planet earth and all terrestrials. It keeps the earth in its orbit. The planet earth and its living beings are a tiny part of a bigger entirety, which is permanently expanding.
The sun supplies all life with the warmth of its light-fire-energy. In old cultures the sun was deified as the powerful godhead. It has purifying, renewing, healing, strengthening and destroying force.
The bluish wavelike band symbolizes „the Sea of all Life.“ Water is the basic requirement for the development of life on earth, it is the origin of life. It sustains and permanently creates new life. Water has clearing, purifying, renewing and healing qualities.The circlet of leaves illustrates the everlasting cycle of permanent change – birth, growth, decay, renewal – to which all life is subordinated, in which all life incessantly flows.

Regarding the Brief Description of the Mandala:
Please remember that each Mandala affects each person in a different way. The added description might suggest a certain impression, but it is subjective. The individual perception seems to comply with a personal, momentary specific subject.