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”BALANCE” - Female and Male Energy

Original: 160 x 160 cm - 2010

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Slight color variations to the internet image may occur due to the printing process. 
On request you can order this Mandala motif also in an individual bigger size.


The Mandala describes the balance of female and male energy.
With the help of this equlibration balance, harmony and freedom arises inside and outside of body, emotion and mind. The balance and cooperation of female and male is symbolised through earth and heaven, moon and sun.
Internally, the balance of both energies generates inner peace and the possibility to center oneself. This brings a release of powerful energy inside of body and mind, which is expressed through a deeper connection with the spiritual world and through creative activity.
Externally, a peaceful, empathic equability is generated through this, which finds its expression in the way of interacting with living beings, nature and environment.


The blossom with the “lying Eight:“ The flower expresses the beauty, the blossoming and the unfolding. It symbolizes the inner center. The lying eight in the center of the blossom stands for the “eternal infinity“. It corresponds to the “Soul“ or the “Divine Vitality“ inherent in all.
The circlet with the leaf tendril touches the center, symbolizing nature and flora, as well as constant growth, permanent movement and the eternal cycle of all life. The tendril consists of two parts which build a horizontal axis and which touch the center from the left and right side. The counter-clockwise rotation of the growth of the leaves corresponds to the terrestrial rotation.
The white beam builds a vertical axis and flows through all layers and circles of the Mandala.
It symbolizes the neutral, non-evaluative energy which opens out into the greater “wholeness.“ The beam also expresses connection, relation, awareness and universal knowledge/wisdom.
The red heart with different colored layers expresses the etheric qualities of the heart (Heart Chakra), as well as the terrestrial human existence.
The different colored layers represent the etheric qualities of the heart: love, joy, goodness, humility and compassion.
The yellow beams – coming from the inside and from the outside – correspond to the emitting and receiving energy flow of all life.
The semicircles of Earth and Heaven symbolize the female and the male principle. They are connected with the heart through the rays of light.
The serpent spiralling around the vertical white beam symbolizes the „Power of Kundalini Energy.“ If this energy is awake, it will move from the lower end of the spine upwards by pervading the “main energy centers“ (chakras). In the “crown chakra“ it will be unified with the “cosmic soul“ or “cosmic-spiritual power.“ An inner state of joyful bliss will arise.
In the mythologies of different cultures, the serpent was considered “the guardian of passage“ or “the transmitter between this and other worlds“. The serpent was admired as sacred, immortal and clairvoyant.
It represented wisdom, enlightenment, healing power and it symbolized life-energy, as well as the original state of nature and Creation.
The small hearts represent close connections with man, other creatures or entities. The different colored layers mark the qualities of the heart (love, joy, goodness, humility, compassion).
The white background symbolizes the inner space/chamber – a neutral, non-evaluative energy state.
The band of the four elements – fire, earth, water, air: In the “Alchemical Teaching of the Four Elements“ they the basic of all being. They also symbolize purifying ethereal energies. Furthermore, the elements are combined with “Elemental beings“ and nature spirits, who protect and defend nature.
In addition, the fourfold symbolism of the band points to the connection with spiritual guides/teachers, with the plants, with the ancestors and with eternal beings/entities.
The animals signify our connection with the animal realm, specifically with “animal protectors“ or “animal allies“. The pictured animal species represent the diverse animal characteristics.
The wavelike circlet in red and paleblue color describes the two levels of human existence – the sphere of body (red) and the sphere of mind (blue).
The earth is a symbol for the nutritive and homeland offering planet “Mother Earth“. The earth represents the female principle of the “perpetually bearing Mother“ and symbolizes the unending cycle of all life.
The serrated band in yellow and whitish color expresses the emanating energy, which creates, flows through, and conducts all life.
The universe surrounds and enfolds the earth – all terrestrial life is a tiny part of it. The universe is the expression of the immense creativity and the unimaginable dimension of Creation. It reflects the infinity and the permanent flow of becoming and dying.
The moon and the sun are located on a visual horizontal axis, on the left and right side. They symbolize the polar principles of female and male, respectively, as well as their receptive and dynamic principles.
The ring of fire describes a perpetual, orbital movement, a symbol of becoming and dying. On an eternal level, fire is attributed to purifying and clarifying qualities. In Alchemy fire serves to transform metals into the “Alchemical Gold“ – the pure essence.

Please remember that each Mandala affects each person in a different way. The added description might suggest a certain impression, but it is subjective. The individual perception seems to comply with a personal, momentary specific subject.