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Original: 70 x 70 cm - 2010 YIN YANGTo enlarge click on image.   

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The Mandala symbolizes the life cycle, the balance of heaven and earth, sun and moon.
The "Yin Yang" symbol signifies the polarity which is mutally dependent and within all life: 
day and night  light and shadow female and male sending out and receiving.
All live in universe aspires to a balance. Everything has its place and still is in permanent
movement and change. 
Everything is mutually dependent in connected interaction and
interdependence. This is 
the "Cycle of Life."
It follows a permanent rhythm of: becoming – growing – dying – renewing.



The center of the flower (centermost circle) symbolizes the eternal energy (soul), which is inherent in all life. This energy radiates from the inside to the outside. It is sent out in all directions through the small and big fire circlet.
The recumbent and upright eight signify endless energetic movement on horizontal and vertical levels.
The horizontal axis symbolizes time and space, the vertical axis symbolizes the possible connection of emotional body states and soul knowledge. The center marks the point of intersection. This is the place of neutral, non-judging energy – the place of silence and freedom.
The flower in the center represents the form of all that is alive. The physical form is embedded in a permanent circuit of life. It is part of a harmonic movement in the stream of time and space.
The circuit of the elements – fire, earth, water and air. In the “Alchemical Teaching of the Four Elements“ they are the base (root) of all life. The flower is held within the circuit of the elements.
Paracelsus associated certain “spiritual beings“ with every element – they are called “elemental beings“.
At the same time the division of the circuit into four parts marks the axis of coordinates, which serves as a central “axis of divination“ to maintain a personal center. At the same time it marks the four cardinal points.
The cardinal points (north, east, south and west) identify a position which is related to the sun and the axis of the Earth. In shamanic cultures, the cardinal points symbolize powerful forces which are invoked and asked for support.
Heaven and Earth symbolize the balance of male and female energy.
Sun and Moon symbolize the balance of sending and receiving qualities.
The small and big light-fire circlet, counter-rotating: All life is in a permanent movement, in a permanent renewal. The light-fire circlets are feeded through the “eternal source of all life“ – from the inside and the outside. The light-fire has a purifying and transforming quality.
The twine of leaves is arranged in the form of a “Yin-Yang symbol“. The plants symbolize the cycle of nature and life – a permanent rhythm of becoming – growing – dying – renewing.
The “Yin-Yang Symbol“ represents the basic, mutually dependent polarity of all life.

Please remember that each Mandala affects each person in a different way. The added description might suggest a certain impression, but it is subjective. The individual perception seems to comply with a personal, momentary specific subject.